About Community Acupuncture

In a community-style acupuncture practice patients are treated among others in an open and quiet setting.  This style resembles how acupuncture is practiced in Asia.  “Community Style” refers to the set up of the room and not the type of acupuncture administered. Patients are treated in reclining zero-gravity chairs while a couple of massage tables are available for conditions requiring them. Treating patients in a community setting delivers many benefits. The cost of each treatment is significantly lower than a private treatment, allowing you to come more often. Another major benefit is the healing energy of the group that is established which allows the individual treatment to be more powerful. Keeping the cost of acupuncture low per patient also allows more patients to afford Chinese herbal medicine. Acupuncture in a group setting can be very relaxing and while soothing music is played on speakers, individuals often bring their own headphones. To be in the quiet presence of others during a treatment reminds us that we are not alone.  Many people fall asleep during treatment and wake feeling refreshed. 

Why Community Acupuncture?

Acupuncture is most effective when patients are treated often and regularly.   As an affordable health care model community acupuncture allows patients to seek treatment regularly and more often for patients who cannot afford the price of a private visit. The community acupuncture model allows the patient and the acupuncturist to be cared for and cuts out the need for insurance. Fees are equal to that of an insurance co-pay making it more accessible. Try it and see how enjoyable and effective community acupuncture is.

What to Expect

When you arrive to the clinic you will check in and pay for your treatment. This will soon be done with an iPad -- allowing you to pay for your treatment and schedule follow-up treatments. At your first visit the acupuncturist will conduct an interview in a more private area to better know you and your state of health before settling you into your chair. If it’s your first time receiving acupuncture the acupuncturist will explain the process. A treatment plan will be created with a suggested number of treatments to get you to a better state of health. Usually it is suggested to come at least 6 visits (2x per week for 3 weeks) to then reevaluate.  At subsequent visits the interview will be brief consisting of an update to your current symptoms conducted while sitting in your chair. While using your iPhone or other devices to listen to music with headphones is welcomed, please refrain from using any electronics otherwise and silence your phones. 



$40 per treatment*

Initial Intake and Paperwork Fee: $15 (added to first treatment cost)

*treatments last 45-60 min; if no one is waiting and the clinic is not closing you are welcome to stay longer. 

PAYMENT METHODS: currently Check or Cash , paid before treatment; SOON TO COME: on-line payment and scheduling




Hours *by appointment only