Kimberly Owen Dowling, DAc (RI), LAc, Dipl.OM, MAOM  

In class at Kanto College of Acupuncture and Moxibustion, Tokyo

In class at Kanto College of Acupuncture and Moxibustion, Tokyo

The Practitioner

KIMBERLY is a graduate of New England School of Acupuncture in Newton, MA having earned a Master of Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine. Her 4 year studies included both Chinese and Japanese styles of acupuncture and Chinese herbal medicine, as well as western medical sciences, Chinese nutrition and Oriental bodywork. She has completed the required national board exams and is a Licensed Acupuncturist registered with the Board of Registration in Medicine in Massachusetts, the Board of Complementary Healthcare Providers in Maine, a Doctor of Acupuncture in Rhode Island licensed by the Rhode Island Department of Health, and certified as a Diplomate of Oriental Medicine by the National Certification Commission for Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine.  She is a member of the Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine Society of Massachusetts. Her clinical experience includes working at Pathways to Wellness in Boston’s South End, Malden Family Medicine Center and New England School of Acupuncture. She has worked closely with patients experiencing PTSD and underserved populations. She traveled to Japan to study with such masters as Shoji Kobayashi and Dr. Yamamoto and visited Taishido Acupuncture Clinic, Kanto College of Acupuncture and Moxibustion, and Tokyo Ariake University of Medical and Health Sciences. Originally a history major, Kimberly earned a BA in psychology from Purdue University and studied fine arts and the Italian language in Florence, Italy before finding Chinese Medicine. She is the mother of a beautiful 8 year-old girl. She enjoys working with women’s health, fertility concerns, digestive disorders, emotional issues such as anxiety and PTSD, among many other conditions.

Beyond the realm of oriental medicine, Kimberly informally studies homeopathy, flower essences, yoga, astrology, numerology, human design and the works of Rudolf Steiner and anthroposophy. She plans on delving more into the world of Plant Spirit Medicine and shamanism in the near future. Besides Dr. Steiner, she is deeply inspired by Edgar Cayce, the channelings of Jeshua, Kathhumi, Hafiz, Kahlil Gibran, Dr. Edward Bach, Dr. Samuel Hahnemann, Thich Nhat Hahn, Pythagoras and St. Francis of Assisi. 

She loves to roll down hills, watch the stars from a blanket, jump on trampolines, go to the beach, camping and hiking, and travel the world. She is a runner, a mother, an artist, a yogi and a dancer.  

My Philosophy

Her philosophy on healing and life is that we must be real with ourselves and the world to truly be down the correct road. True healing and spirituality is often (but not always) messy, gross and uncomfortable and by confronting ourselves we clear away what has built up over time in this life and over other lifetimes. This time in which we live is a time of many uncertainties and much is changing and in flux in a short period of time. We all have run from the pain so many times and it's so tempting to keep doing but to truly live your potential you must be REAL and feel the pain, the uncertainty, the uncomfortable emotions. If this is denied it will manifest in so many ways on the physical, emotional and spiritual levels. We listen too often to our clever, but not wise Minds and don't listen to the whispers and wisdom of our Higher Self (our intuition) until it gets so uncomfortable that we have no choice but to change something. In that simple change Spiritual Alchemy occurs when we turn base metal (the pain, the suffering) into Gold (true freedom.) We will continually be in this flux of duality because that is what the Human Experience  is and why our soul chose to come to experience it, with the ultimate  ideal of finding ourselves in the center of the duality. Escape from Human experience, from life, can occur in many ways. Some people have addictions to take them away from feeling the pain. Addictions come in many forms and we fool ourselves into thinking that we don't have an addiction. Besides substances, we can have addictions to relationships, food, exercise, electronics, and anything that is to avoid feeling your pain. We also often jump to forgiveness, meditation, the everything-is-ok attitude, the "shoulds" of how we are "suppose" to behave and feel, put on a superficial mask, and avoid getting REAL. Because we're fearful of how we would be perceived-- by ourselves and others.  By not allowing this authenticity of who and where and what you are at that moment it all gets locked inside and maybe it will be "okay" being suppressed for a period of time, but after that period is over it will manifest again until you listen. Sometimes we listen to our Mind, our unbalanced Ego (a healthy ego is needed) and it tempts us to make a change that is not correct for us, instead of listening to the subtle knowing inside that will never lead you astray. What brings you joy, true joy? Joy is not what feels "comfortable" in the way most people stick with what has always "worked" which is what is the most familiar. Joy is what makes your heart sing, what makes you feel free. 



I WAS BORN the 6th of 7 children on Martha’s Vineyard, a sensitive child raised around a lot of activity. Always knowing that I was destined to something in the realm of healing I chose vegetarianism as a child and read books about astrology and yoga. 

Around the age of 20,  I was experiencing relatively mild acne. Between the creams and acids the western doctors offered me and I refused, I intuited that my outward world was just a reflection of my inner state and by suppressing it I was not honoring what my body was trying to teach me, and meanwhile making the problem worse. I refused to accept something that did not feel right and this is how I found homeopathy— my first experience with a different form of medicine. My own work with homeopathy became the raising of my daughter with this gentle medicine. 

Years later, during a particularly difficult life situation, I decided to follow again what felt right, trying a different approach and I had my first acupuncture treatment. I was instantly fascinated by the whole system, wanted to start the schooling right away but wisely waited until my daughter was old enough for such a venture.

I received a BA in psychology from Purdue University in 2004. During my junior year I studied abroad at Studio Art Centers International (SACI) in Florence, Italy. The following year I took off from Purdue and studied the Italian language at the Dante Alighieri Society in Florence, living outside of the city. 

In 2014 I graduated from the New England School of Acupuncture with a Master of Acupuncture & Oriental Medicine, having completed both Japanese and Chinese styles of acupuncture and the Chinese herbal medicine tracks.

It is with the knowledge and wisdom I have gained through many years of study, years of living abroad, traveling and meeting people from all stations of life, combined with my innate intuition that I am honored to be the conduit through which others come back to the center, beyond Yin and Yang, where the Third Energy lies.